About: Hospitality Computer Solutions

Hospitality Computer Solutions was created in 1989 to assist restaurant owners in obtaining their cash management systems.


After several years of assisting other point of sale software dealers, we became the Lead Dealer for RCS-100 (VersiTouch) in 1993.  This offered our customers the convenience of one shop for not only their point-of-sale system, but also as the installer, programmer, trainer, support, and service provider.


Now, Hospitality Computer Solutions has works with all restaurants and multi-unit operations.  We provide a level of personalized service not found with other systems.  As you upgrade your operation, we will make the point-of-sale system as efficient as it can be. 


One of the largest benefits to our customers is having extremely experienced business personnel (not computer “nerds”) with restaurant and computer knowledge.  Hospitality Computer Solutions provides stellar service and support with each system.

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