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Hospitality Computer Solutions has roots that date back to 1990’s.

After years running and owning restaurants, the owners of HCS realized that POS was the wave of the future.

The years brought many different Windows POS programs, however HCS stayed loyal to their system.

The new millennium brought new opportunities. Not only can we provide a strong management tool for your business, we become a “Strategic Business Partner” of yours to use and assist with our decades of hospitality and POS experience. We will also provide advice and insight into better ways for you to use the system and create a secure method to use the POS.

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We believe that your POS system should be the strongest management tool available to you. It should speed up your servers and it should provide flexible yet concise reports for you, your bookkeeper and accountant.

The POS should adapt to your business; your business should not have adapted to the POS. As a matter of fact, your business should run faster and smoother.

Whether you operate a diner, sports bar, cafe, fine dining or any food service operation, you will find that HCS brings more than POS to the table.

Lastly, do you really want to get your POS system from someone who’s primary job is selling credit card merchant services?

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