Business Partnership

Hospitality Computer Solutions becomes a “Strategic” Business Partner with our clients that is different than any other vendor you use.

The Business Partnership is based on Mutual Respect between you and Hospitality Computer Solutions commitment to service and support.

The site expects Hospitality Computer Solutions to:

  • quote a competitive price;
  • perform a thorough site survey
  • competently build the initial database;
  • install high-quality, business-quality, durable equipment;
  • hold training classes given before the live date;
  • provide live support (the first days the system goes live);
  • provide software and hardware support by the people who installed your system.

Hospitality Computer Solutions expects the site to:

  • provide all information for the site survey;
  • follow direction regarding site setup;
  • participate in the training classes;
  • learn to program the system;
  • calmly respond to minor system problems;
  • friendly treatment of HCS service/support personnel;
  • make all payments on time.

Let's get started!