What Is The “Complete Solution”?

We make sure you are using your point-of-sale system as a “Strong Management Tool”.


How do we do that?

  • We perform a comprehensive site survey of all your procedures
  • We do all data programming
  • We train your entire staff
  • We do the manager and bookkeeper training
  • We use only high-quality equipment – not disposable
  • You are working with restaurant pros – not computer guys
  • Your support is HCS – not outsourced
  • We spend over 80 hours just on your project
  • Not just a 3-day drop and run
  • HCS has over 30 years restaurant/POS experience
  • Not computer guys from the local IT school


In other words:

  • we do not sell inferior equipment,
  • we do not provide inferior service,
  • and we do not perform an inferior installation


We provide: “The Complete Solution”

Let's get started!