Table Managment


Table layout displays the table number, servers and the time.  Your servers will take orders from either a fixed station or tablet at the table and the colors change based on their status.



Our scheduling system goes far beyond just a spread sheet. By incorporating projections based on the previous 8 weeks on sales, you will know what the approximate wage cost will be by the day/week allowing you to reduce over scheduling. 



The hostess station is used to record and manage seating. Take advantage of Flashpoint caller Id interface for reservations.



 If you have multiple locations with different vendors, this is the solution for you. The multi-location inventory is a complete solution used to link the inventory items to the sales item recipes in the point of sale. You may even have different vendors for one inventory item based on the store and or region. The Enterprise Software is required in order to use the Multi Location Inventory software. 



Kiosks are known for saving time and cutting lines.  They give consumers control of their dining experience. By using kiosks, restaurants allow their customers to choose when and how they want to order, pay for and receive their meal. 



Servers will simply take the order while standing at the table and when they send it, it will go directly to the kitchen, without ever touching the terminal! When the table is ready to receive the check, the server can simply chose which printer to send the check to. This great feature not only saves time and money but also virtually eliminates incorrect order placement.

QuickBooks Interface


 Flashpoint provides a standard export to QuickBooks Pro or can produce a standard export of any data that it generates, ready for importing into a spreadsheet.

Gift & Loyalty Cards


 All terminal software is included with our gift and loyalty cards. There is no need to buy expensive terminal server software to connect your business. Have multiple locations?  No problem!  When you purchase a gift/loyalty card at one of your locations, you can redeem them at another with no issues at all.

Liquor & Beer Interface



Flashpour is a system that can be set up to force the liquor to be rung in prior to pouring or to allow the bartender to free pour the liquor and then give a reading on what was short.

You can also set up to record draft meters and inform you of the number of bottles of beer that are over or short in the cooler.



 Take stock and place orders all in one step! Gone are the days of writing down the stock on hand, having to enter it into the computer and then enter the stock needed to replenish inventory and make a purchase order.  Simply walk through the storage areas, enter the amount in stock into the hand-held, and the amount that is needed to restock. When completed,  you will submit your inventory into the POS and the purchase orders will be created for you.

Caller ID


 The Caller ID option will automatically display the customers name and phone number.  Any memo entered on the customers profile is automatically saved.  This helps save time for you and the customer!

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