Meet The Team

Mark Wolfe

Mark brings over 30 years restaurant, business, and computer experience to Hospitality Computer Solutions.  His knowledge of the restaurant industry comes from “working his way up the ranks” from bus boy to Owner.


Mark’s POS experience includes programming, installation, training and support of many Point-of-Sale systems (including RCS-100, Tec, Multi-Net, Flashpoint, MICROS, and Squirrel).  In addition, Mark can provide valuable office computer advice on topics ranging from industry compliance to hardware requirements, from upgrading to inventory software.  Hospitality Computer Solutions was founded specifically to explain to customers, in user-friendly terms, how to use their Point-of-Sale computers and office computers to increase productivity and profits!

Mark Wolfe TeamPic

Tim Ioime

Tim joined HCS in 2017. After a few years “learning the ropes”, Tim became the Service and Installation Manager coordinating all support issues and installation projects. Tim has assisted in streamlining equipment used in installations, network setup and configurations, and programming guidelines.

Tim’s restaurant experience includes several years cooking and running kitchens. His talents were used in fine dining as well as local family restaurant. He has pursued technical courses including networking, programming, and self-taught instruction.

In 2024, Tim became a partner in Hospitality Computer Solutions. He is responsible for all support and installations while training installation and phone support staff.

Joe Ewansky– Territory Sales Manager (New York)

Joe joined HCS in 2024. Joe’s extensive experience in hospitality sales includes selling beer, wine and liquor to restaurants and bars. He prefers a consultative approach to sales working with restaurant and bar owners and managers by instructing and informing them about the product.

By joining HCS, Joe will enhance our team by using his vast knowledge in working with our clients about how the POS can help by providing critical sales, food cost, and labor numbers to owners and managers.

Chris Daugherty

In 2023, Chris joined HCS. His experience in office setting computer networks helped him jump in his roll as phone and installation support. Prior to that, Chris spent several years in the restaurant industry as front of house support staff. He agrees with the HCS policy that we only hire staff from the restaurant and hospitality industry.