Tonic POS

Countertop POS

The heart of your operations. When reliability and lightning-fast transactions matter most, a countertop POS is your rock-solid solution.

  • Handles High Volume: Built for speed and accuracy even during your busiest rush.
  • Clear At-a-Glance Info: Large, readable screens make order management a breeze.
  • Space-Saving Footprint: Perfect when counter space is at a premium.
  • Always On, Always Ready: No battery life or Wi-Fi worries – your system is consistently operational.

Handheld Tablet

Flexibility is your superpower. A handheld POS lets your staff go where the customers are for an elevated service experience.

  • Tableside Efficiency: Take orders and process payments right at the table, reducing wait times and increasing table turns.
  • Bust Lines Faster: Expedite takeout and counter orders with mobile checkout anywhere.
  • Event Ready: Ideal for pop-ups, catering, or expanding your service area seamlessly.
  • Customer Connection: Personalized service builds loyalty and a memorable customer experience.

Self-Service Kiosk

The power of choice. Kiosks give customers control and convenience, while freeing your staff to focus on other tasks.

  • Customizable Menus: Showcase your full offerings with enticing visuals.
  • Seamless Ordering & Payment Customers complete the process themselves, at their own pace.
  • Upselling Made Easy: Automated suggestions boost order size.
  • Integrates with Your Workflow Orders flow directly to the kitchen, reducing errors and speeding up service.

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