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Tonic is a cloud based point of sale system that provides a rich set of features for its clients. It has become a vital tool for many professionals in the food/beverage and hospitality industries. Places such as nightclubs, fine dining restaurants, pizza pop-ups and more rely on us for the highest quality of service available. It was created to be cost efficient and buildable so that customers of all sizes are confident in their POS, no matter what their individual needs are.

Our integrations prove this to be true as well, ranging from restaurant accounting software like QuickBooks, kitchen management software, PMS integrations, and restaurant inventory software management. Previously all of these were huge hurdles for business owners. Now, it is easier than ever to track inventory and control waste with such an innovative point of sale system. Each system is created to work with the merchant and is modified to their needs.

Restaurant Management System

​​Based on predetermined alerts, you can receive notifications directly to your phone, through email, or by SMS. Now, you will be notified about the opening and closing of your store, employees working overtime, comp requests, and more. Picture yourself managing your business on your phone with the click of a button, all while enjoying an umbrella drink on the beach.​

Even if you don’t have a manager available, Tonic provides you with the capability of doing approvals from outside of your bar, restaurant, or other establishment. The best part is that we constantly evolve our software based on customer feedback. Tonic upgrades every 2 months, keeping you ahead of the curve and bug-free.

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