Restaurant Types

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Fast Casual

You make it delicious and you make it quick. You see high volume passing through a checkout counter.

  • Flexible Customer Display Options for Pay-at-the-Counter Solutions: Enhance customer interactions with versatile display options that streamline the checkout process.
  • Next Gen Kitchen Display Systems (KDS): Boost kitchen efficiency with a system that streamlines order preparation and coordination, crucial for high-volume fast casual environments.
  • Self-Order Kiosks: Empower customers with the convenience of self-service, reducing wait times and increasing order accuracy.
  • Delivery with Google Maps Integration: Optimize your delivery services with real-time routing and tracking, ensuring timely and efficient delivery.
  • Native Inventory Management: Maintain real-time tracking of your inventory, a critical component in managing the fast-paced environment of fast casual dining.
  • Expansive Integrations with 3rd Party Software: Leverage over 40 integrations to streamline operations, from payment processing to CRM systems, catering to the diverse needs of fast casual restaurants.
Tonic Fast Casual Dining POS

Fine Dining

Your guests come here for incredible food and service, celebrating the most memorable moments of their lives with you.

  • Meal Coursing/Firing: Perfectly time each course to deliver an exquisite dining experience.
  • Interactive Color-Coded Table Layouts: Manage your dining room efficiently with an intuitive and visually informative layout.
  • Next Gen Kitchen Display Systems (KDS): Ensure kitchen efficiency with our advanced KDS, streamlining order preparation and coordination.
  • Native Inventory Management: Keep track of your inventory in real-time, essential for maintaining the quality and availability of your exquisite menu offerings.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Stay updated with instant notifications for critical restaurant operations.
  • Customization for Every Restaurant’s Needs: Tailor Tonic POS to fit the unique requirements of your fine dining venue.

Sit Down

You’re known for your food, drinks, ambience and table side service. 

  • Table Side Ordering and Payments: Elevate the dining experience with convenient tableside ordering and payment options, ensuring efficient service and customer satisfaction.
  • Guest QR Ordering: Offer guests the flexibility to order directly from their tables using QR codes, enhancing convenience and reducing wait times.
  • Next Gen Kitchen Display Systems (KDS): Streamline kitchen operations with our advanced KDS, ensuring timely and accurate preparation of orders.
  • Online Ordering/Delivery Management: Seamlessly integrate online ordering and delivery management into your service, catering to the growing demand for off-premises dining options.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Build and maintain customer relationships with customizable loyalty programs, encouraging repeat visits and increased engagement.
  • Daily Specials and Promotions: Easily manage and update daily specials and promotions, keeping your offerings fresh and enticing for your guests.
Tonic Sit Down Dining POS


You host the greatest gigs in town operating a bustling bar service sometimes until the wee hours.

  • Fast Bar/Tab Management: Streamline your bar service with quick and efficient tab management systems, perfect for handling high volume with ease.
  • Start and Close Tabs with Vaulted Card: Enhance customer convenience by starting tabs with a customer name using a credit card, and offer the option to close tabs using vaulted card information for faster, seamless transactions.
  • ID Verification: Implement robust ID verification to ensure legal compliance and patron safety, a must-have for venues and clubs.
  • Liquor Inventory Controls: Maintain tight control over your liquor inventory with real-time tracking and management tools, crucial for minimizing loss and maximizing profitability.
  • Mobile Ordering and Payment: Offer patrons the convenience of mobile ordering and payment, reducing wait times and improving overall customer experience.
  • Comprehensive Integrations for Venue and Club Management: Elevate your venue or club operations with our expansive integrations, designed to streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and optimize the overall management of your bustling environment.
Tonic Club Venue POS

Cafe/Coffee shop

You’re up early serving caffeinated beverages in a warm community setting where customers primarily order at the register.

  • Flexible Customer Display Options for Pay-at-the-Counter Solutions: Streamline the ordering process with versatile display options, enhancing customer interactions and efficiency at the register.
  • Capture Order by Name for Quick-Turn Orders: Personalize the customer experience and expedite order processing by capturing orders by name, perfect for the fast-paced cafe environment.
  • Next Gen Kitchen Display Systems (KDS): Optimize order management and kitchen workflow with advanced display technology, ensuring quick and accurate preparation of beverages and food items.
  • Mobile Ordering and Payment: Offer customers the convenience of placing orders and making payments through their mobile devices, reducing wait times and improving overall service.
  • Loyalty / Customer Accounts: Engage your customers by tracking their order history and rewarding their loyalty with flexible promotions, encouraging repeat visits and building a strong community.

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